I Felt like a Penny Waiting for Chang


I recently had the opportunity to interview a woman whose job is to train wait staff at the largest-grossing P.F. Chang’s in the world.  As a busy certified trainer / bartender / supervisor, she could answer three questions, so I made them good ones:

Q: What is one of your weirdest experiences in the food industry?

A: My first serving job was when I was a shy 19 year old.  One of my tables was a group of relatively quiet men, except for the one drinking Goldschlager. When the bill came, ‘Goldschlager’ paid, and said “You’re the prettiest waitress.  You took great care of us.  Thank you so much!”  I knew he had a few drinks; so I thought nothing of the compliment, until after I dropped off the credit card slip.  He jumped up from his seat, gave me a bear hug, and kissed me on the lips.  I was in shock.

Q: The man kissed you.  I hate to ask, but can you top that?

A: Yes I can, actually.  When I began working at Sin City’s P.F. Chang’s, I had a table with women drinking alcoholic slushy drinks that were shaped like the Eiffel Tower.  They drank for a few hours, and towards the end of their dining experience, one of the women decided she couldn’t manage her liquor–or her bladder.  The things is, our restaurant doesn’t have restrooms in it because it’s attached to a major casino; so you have to exit the restaurant, and she was far from it.  Well, she couldn’t make it.  She vomited her red frozen drink into our glass candle holder, fell down the stairs, and was picked up by an ambulance.

Q: So is the moral of the story that we shouldn’t drink alcohol?

A: God no.

I Felt like a Penny Waiting for Chang

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