Federal Dollars to Doughnuts


If you’ve ever driven 5 1/2 hours for the sole purpose of trying a cup of coffee and a doughnut, then perhaps you’re a foodie like me; a foodie with a smacks of masochism, sitting in gridlock on I-95 for said American staple.

Federal Donuts in Philadelphia is the place I first discovered the strawberry and lavender flavored doughnut. Yes, that’s right–strawberry and lavender is not just for that little Christmas tree hanging above your dash.

You’d think it wouldn’t work; but as I watched the ‘doughista’ drop a single goblet into the boiling oil, then sprinkle the dough with what can only be described as edible pixie dust, I remembered my high school love misting lavender on her bed before sleep.

The taste of the doughnut was much more subtle compared to the visceral memory it prompted. A delicate piece of cake with the lightest dusting of strawberries, it was truly a delight to savor. Dunking it in your coffee would be a mistake.

The coffee was a bit bitter, however. I suppose I’m spoiled by useful apps like Brewseful, which help me calculate the time for each step along the brewing process.

After my coffee and dough nut, I walked to my car in the brisk November air, warmed from the inside. On the drive back, (playing Kanye’s ”monster” on repeat), I didn’t feel like a GIF doing jumping jacks from the caffeine content.

Next time I visit Federal Donuts, I’ll sample its fried chicken. If you want to meet up and cram your belly, let’s get some at 1219 South 2nd street in the city of brotherly love.

Federal Dollars to Doughnuts

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