Raw, what is it good for?

2015/01/img_0519-0.jpgDespite that I love raw pig ears with hot sauce, ceviche with a crisp lime wedge, and anything sushi–I’ve always found raw beef to be a bit…encephalitis-y. Nonetheless, I tried Steak Tartare at Cafe de la Presse, a taste of France next to Chinatown in San Francisco. The beef had a buttery smell that I’ve only experienced as a butcher’s apprentice around the freshest ground beef. Or ‘boeuf’ in this case. The brine of capers and raw onions balanced out the almost sweet taste of fat. And when placed on a crunchy toast point, all things Mad Cow got 86’d. Read about how to prepare Steak Tartare here; visit Cafe de la Presse at 352 Grant Avenue.

Raw, what is it good for?

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